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RUCKUS WIRELESS started its WiFi business with focus in Service Providers since its inception in 2002. Ruckus is pride on its WiFi signal strength with patented BeanFlex Smart Antenna System. The technology offers a reliable connection with high density clients connection capability has earned its presence in different industries including ISP, Hospitality, School and more.

It's in a leading position after being acquired by Brocade, Arris and now Commscope for unified solution for the wired and wireless technology. Ruckus offers different sets of controllers, be it cloud subscription base, virtual platform and appliance base to cater for the needs of any enterprises.

With its recent development and acquisitions for Analytics/AI and Role-Based-Access-Control RBAC 802.1X authentication solution. A complete end-to-end enterprise grade Wired & Wireless solutions for any sizes of enterprises.

A summary of Ruckus strength as below :

  • Proven 19 years experience in WiFi technology

  • Comprehensive cloud/virtual/appliance base controller solutions

  • Integrated control and management of Wired and Wireless solutions

  • Superior WiFi Access Points for indoor and outdoor

  • Network Analytics and Assurance

  • Secure WPA TLS 802.1X authentication - Cloudpath.


UBIQUITI INC. is established in 2005. With its Xtreme Range (XR)  cards operated on non-standard IEEE 802.11 bands to reduce the impact of congestion in the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands. In August 2007 a group of Italian amateur radio operators set a distance world record for point-to-point links in the 5.8 GHz spectrum. Using two XR5 cards and a pair of 35 dBi dish antennas, the Italian team was able to establish a 304 km (about 188 mi) link at data rates between 4 and 5 Mbit/s.

Ubiquiti develop excellent outdoor WiFi bridges for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connections that extend your internet access to remote locations with affordable costs. That set apart from the competitions. They now have full range of products ranging from home, SME to large enterprises with different industries.

A summary of Ubiquiti strength as below :

  • Stable company with 15 years of WiFi experiences

  • Offer cost effective solution with superior roaming capability

  • Superior WiFi Access Points for indoor and outdoor

  • Excellent WiFi Bridge solutions

  • comprehensive range of products offering end-to-end network infrastructure solutions

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High-Performance airMAX® ac Bridge


The World's Highest Capacity AP

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